Holly Springs Heating & Air was started in 1994 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Its roots go back to 1987 in the Buffalo NY area where our founder started doing heating and air conditioning work. He went on to serve on the RSES Board of Directors (Refrigeration Service Engineers Society) first in Buffalo from 1990-1993 then in Raleigh, North Carolina from 1994-1998. RSES is a worldwide organization focusing on training service technicians how to properly service, maintain and repair refrigeration, heating, and air conditioning systems (Presently we do not work with refrigeration systems).

In 1990 he passed the service technician’s certification exam. And in 1992 was awarded a scholarship which he used to further his knowledge of HVAC electrical systems.

Back in the mid-90′s, when the Holly Springs News was in circulation, he answered all of the questions that readers sent in to the HVAC questions & Answers column. He is currently serving as our Service Manager and also “Lead Service Tech”.

We consider”Hybrid Heat” to be the most practical innovation right now. Especially with natural gas prices on the rise. We keep a watchful eye on new innovations and are aware of what really works and what’s just a lot of “hot air”

We primarily work on residential systems but we also work on some light commercial systems. Although we do install new systems in additions and finished attics etc. we do not do any new construction work at this time. We mainly do service calls, upgrades and replacement systems.