Here in the Triangle some of us are dreading the pollen that comes along with that beautiful scenery that we enjoy here in the spring time through the fall months. This is when we get the most questions from people wondering what can be done about “Seasonal Allergies” besides going to an allergist or taking allergy medications. There are some things that we can suggest.

The most commonly used filter for reducing airborn pollen iselectro_static the electrostatic air filter. These filters are classified as “permanent” because they are designed to be washed once a month and used over and over again for many years. They create their own static charge that traps pollen and dust.
One manufacturer is National air Filters which is right here in Raleigh at 1109 New Hope Rd near Rt 64 1-800-398-8005. You can eliminate the “middle man” by going there yourself and asking them make whatever size filter that you need. There are also some other brands available at places like Home Depot.

These “Electro-Static” filters can help reduce airborn pollen, but they only work when your blower is on because they use your Heating & A/C ductwork system to move air through themselves and can’t clean air that hasn’t been drawn through them. The same is also true with electronic air filters.

Another way to reduce your pollen is to change your air so that it causes pollen and dust particles to “clump together” making them become so heavy that they drop down to the floor where they can’t bother you. That’s done with air purifiers (not filters) which change your air by Ionizing and adding ozone.

Ozone is a powerful disinfectant and oxidant, it kills microbial contaminates like E.coli, Salmonella, Giardia, Listeria and Cryptosporidium more effectively than standard disinfectants like chlorine. In fact, ozone kills E.coli more than 3,000 times faster than chlorine.

It should be noted that there are also some who say that Ozone is bad for humans, but we feel that if it kills all that stuff and gets rid of pollen & dust and doesnt bother people then it is probably ok. (one ounce of dust carries 42,000 dust mites……along with their feces).
We carry adjustable Ionization systems which are rated for up to an entire 3,000 sq foot home that sell for about $400. Free 3 day test trials are available.