They laughed when I told them we could Lower their Gas heat bills.

What is “Hybrid Heat” ?

If you live here in the triangle area then you must have heard that old argument about which is better for heating….Gas or Heat-Pump, right? The truth is that those of us who are out there where the “rubber meets the road” have known the answer for a long time.

The fact of the matter is that each has an advantage over the other depending on the temperature outside. Technology has taken advantage of those differences to create a better way to heat which is quite unique.

Let us explain: At lower outdoor temperatures natural gas is better because Heat-Pumps simply have less heat available to them. And at these low temperatures Heat-Pumps use even more energy by defrosting their frozen outside coils, and also by energizing their heat strips during a defrost cycle.

But when outdoor temperatures are higher then the extra available heat makes Heat-Pumps more economical to operate than gas heat is.

So it’s easy to see how a combination of those two very different systems would be better than either one of them could be all by itself, and with natural gas prices continuing to rise this gives you “more BTU’s for your buck”.

Here’s how it works

We install a Heat-Pump unit without any “power hungry” heat strips (it uses a furnace instead). Did you know that running a Heat-Pump system when the unit outside isn’t running (or by accidentally using the “Emergency Heat Strips” instead) can double or even triple your heating bill!!

Then we install a gas furnace with some modifications to the low voltage wiring & thermostat and using a special outdoor sensor we set it up to automatically work at low outdoor temperatures instead of the Heat-Pump.

When we retrofit one of our hybrid heat systems with our special power conversion system it will automatically run when connecting to a small gas operated generator during power failures.

The result is a perfect combination of 2 heating systems that will reduce your natural gas or LP gas usage by 75%-90% depending on the severity of the winter. (most people save 85%)

And have you ever heard the common complaint about how heat pumps “blow cold air” when it gets really cold outside? Well, with “Hybrid Heat” when it gets colder outside you’ll have all the desirable heat of a gas furnace.