No one would even dream of driving their new car for several years without ever changing the oil & filter or driving them with low tire pressure, yet many people do the same thing by procrastinating with the maintenance of their Heating & Cooling systems.

Just as driving around with underinflated tires will drastically shorten the life of a car's tires, similarly, running an A/C compressor that's undercharged will shorten its life expectancy by causing hot spots in its electrical windings and also cause it to constantly overheat when running, and you wouldn't even know it until it was too late :( And beleive it or not, being overcharged is even worse, causing it to try to pump liquid freon. We call that "SLUGGING" and it's a lot like back in the old days when running reg gas in some engines that were designed to run on "High Octane" Gasoline causing them to "PING", remember that?

Those were just 2 examples of the kinds of problems that regular maintenance could have prevented, there are a multitude of other problems to check for such as Capacitors, contactors, half closed service valves, potential leaks, electrical connections, motor amps etc etc.

Preventive Maintenance is recommended twice a year. Once in the spring for A/C tune ups, and once again in the fall to prepare for the heating season.

Our Preventive Maintenance Rates for most Heating or cooling systems:

1 System one time ........................$85
1 System (Contract-Spring/Fall)..$165

2 Systems one time.......................$150
2 Systems (Contract-Spring/Fall)..$270

Note: Contract customers also get 15% off of any service calls and repairs.

Then the foam is rinsed off leaving them clean.

They create a foam that forces the dirt and debris out from between the fins.

Some neglected Condenser coils need to be cleaned with special agents.

Kinked lines will reduce efficiency.